Gestational Diabetes Calculator

  • Gestational Diabetes is the type of Diabetes Mellitus, which is onset in pregnant women. It is temporary and disappears after child birth.
  • If the sugar levels are the following, then the women has gestational diabetes.
  • Fasting - At or above 92 mg/dL ;
      1 Hour - At or above 180 mg/dL ;
      2 Hour - At or above 153 mg/dL.
  • Symptoms are excessive thrist, frequent urination, tiredness.
  • The below calculator requires one to have the blood glucose levels checked (fasting and 2 hours after taking 75mg of sugar solution) in a laboratory.
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    Tips -
  • The carbohydrate intake should add up to only half of the total calories you intake.
  • Protein and fat rich food like egg, nuts, meat, fish, dry beans should be included in diet.
  • Fruits should be eaten and not consumed in juice form.
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